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How do you do it?

Many people ask me "How do you do it?""I don't know" is usually my first answer followed by "one day at a time". Honestly, when it comes to raising my children,  I do know that it was put on my heart to have each of them and I love each of them very much. But yes there are many days I raise the question myself and have wondered if I'm just plain crazy. Believe me,  I am not a supermom, nor do I ever pretend to be. I have so many downfalls and weaknesses. I don't get everything done everyday. My list of what I'd like to do is always longer than what actually gets done. NO, I do not have a lot of patience (as everyone seems to think I must), quite the contrary! I think it is one of the hardest things to learn and get self control and believe me, I daily feel like I'm failing at it. I need to remind myself of

2 Corinthians 12:9
 "My grace is sufficient for you, but my power is made perfect in weakness".

Thank God for that. His grac…

another homeschool year begins

Another year of homeschooling has begun, but this year things are a bit different for us. I am not homeschooling my 13 year old for the first time this year, since I  started homeschooling him at 8 years old (3rd-7th grade), he is attending public school. I am homeschooling my 6 year old, first grader, who is now at the "legally need to report it age" and I have a pre school age boy and a toddler who are as well but not in that legal sense.
This is a fun age to be homeschooling because so much of my type of schooling revolves around PLAY! I have always believed that it is a child's job to play, and that play is the best way for a child to learn and experience life.I guess many would consider us as "unschoolers" but I don't have a label for our style. With my oldest son, I used some formal curriculum depending on the subject and what it seemed like both he and I needed. There are assignments given but usually a longer time frame to get it done than say a pub…

A New Mommy...Again

I am a new mommy again. My first daughter, in a house full of boys, is two weeks old. I am  so in love. She has totally captured my heart and I'm excited for all that I will be able to pour into her about her identity as a daughter of the King of Kings as she grows. I am looking forward to all those moments a woman thinks of doing with her daughter: painting nails, doing her hair, a friend to go shopping with... but also the moments that are much further down the road, like being a big part of her wedding day, being the one she'll call when she needs advice, and having a chance to be at her side when she is having a baby. Daughters are very different from sons. But for now, I am just enjoying these precious fleeting moments. I learned early on, in being a mother, to never wish away your child's life with " I can't wait fors" because each stage comes and goes so quickly. Enjoy the moment of here and now, no matter what stage. I personally am enjoying this fres…