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The breaking of dawn

Have you ever woken up and for that first brief minute you're trying to do a reality check? Whether you're trying to discipher a dream from conscience or the "which day is it" thought, or a reality check?
Sometimes there's that brief moment of confusion as the transition from sleep to being awake. As I awoke this morning I was thinking "how did I end up here"?  Have you ever had dreams for your life and wondered the same thing? When your  life doesn't seem to line up with those dreams you have or had. Many factors play into  a persons  life. We are all connected to many people, and each person has free will to choose each day what they say to someone, what they do, if they  connect or disconnect from people, etc. Remember the movie Butterfly Effect? Where the main character was able to go back in time through his journal and change even just one moment in time and how that one simple change altered not only his life but everybody else's life. An…