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Have you ever heard someone say "I don't want to have false hope"? Have you ever thought that you had hope but then something triggered and you lost hope?
Do you know that His word says "hope is for things unseen, that if you hoped for things that could be seen -that is no hope at all". So hope is for the very things that we end up letting go for. When everything in the natural says "give up, it won't happen, it's not possible, I tried for too long and never saw", when circumstances in life seem to be the very opposite of what you hope for that is when it becomes hope and you anchor that hope so that it does not waver in the waves and storms. Hope is for when you can't imagine or see how it could be possible. There is no such thing as false hope.
Hope deferred makes the heart sick. It's not that the things in life didn't line up with our hope but that we put off hope this allowing an environment of toxins. Putting off hope ma…

Pieces of a Puzzle.

How I wish life came with an instruction booklet sometimes. How much easier would it be. To know exactly what to do, where the pieces fit, and to see a finished product beforehand.

Yet life just isn't like that.

Like the name of my blog "Pieces of His Masterpiece", life is like a ton of pieces of a puzzle.
When I do puzzles I keep the box with the finished picture near to see the vision of what all those pieces together will look like, and it helps to look at each piece and see where pieces should be placed. I start with the frame and from there fill in all the rest. You don't have an exact instruction booklet but it is helpful.

We have the bible, it helps us with the frame of life. A foundation. But we need Him and an intimate relationship with our creator and savior to help with all of those pieces. We pick up a piece of the puzzle and can become overwhelmed with "what exactly is this piece part of?", "where does it go?", how does it connect?&qu…