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Sharing time can hurt.

A word of caution and understanding.
Please take the time to read my heart. You've perhaps been on one of these sides.
Do you know how many times I've been asked "where are your kids" when seen without them?
To which my response is, "they're with their dad today/this weekend".
OK, NO BIG DEAL, right. But then comes the dreaded comments... "Wow,that must be so nice" or "aren't you lucky", "oh,what I would do with free time", and other comments in which I force a smile to save embarrassing you as I can see it probably comes from a bit of exhaustion and having a lot on your plate with a tad bit of jealousy.
Let me be straight with you.
I am not having it easier than you!
My new season of my children having time with their father is NOT me living up a life that looks like freedom in comparison.
It hurts! I honestly hurt that I now have to share time and days with their parent because of a divorce.

Like today for instance: I…