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Pieces of a Puzzle.

How I wish life came with an instruction booklet sometimes. How much easier would it be. To know exactly what to do, where the pieces fit, and to see a finished product beforehand.

Yet life just isn't like that.

Like the name of my blog "Pieces of His Masterpiece", life is like a ton of pieces of a puzzle.
When I do puzzles I keep the box with the finished picture near to see the vision of what all those pieces together will look like, and it helps to look at each piece and see where pieces should be placed. I start with the frame and from there fill in all the rest. You don't have an exact instruction booklet but it is helpful.

We have the bible, it helps us with the frame of life. A foundation. But we need Him and an intimate relationship with our creator and savior to help with all of those pieces. We pick up a piece of the puzzle and can become overwhelmed with "what exactly is this piece part of?", "where does it go?", how does it connect?", "and which piece comes first?". Our Lord knows, He is the one that sees the whole complete puzzle.
When we stare at one piece, our vision becomes small. We can't imagine the whole puzzle until we take a look from a bigger perspective. His. A higher view. The one who knows the beginning from the end. The one who knew us before that frame/foundation was ever laid.

Everything and everyone in life is another piece to this puzzle of life. They connect and fit somewhere.

We are meant to be in a connection with Him, led by spirit and truth, to go through this life.
One thing I know about putting together a large and intricate puzzle is that I need patience. A puzzle is not an instant gratification activity. Often they are laid out on a table for days or weeks as you keep chipping away.

Life's puzzle is bigger than any puzzle I've done. Many more pieces.

He gives us extra tools. Faith,Hope and Love.

Sometimes pieces of a puzzle seemingly go missing or become damaged, but our God restores and makes things new.

He gives order in chaos. Which is needed. I'm the type of person who sees puzzle pieces dumped out everywhere as chaos. I want to put it all together to see order. I often feel peace with order. But the thing is, He gives us peace even in the chaos. I shouldn't rely on a finished product to give me peace. Just His finished works on the cross.

It seems so opposite to my physical man, but I know He has been teaching me that there is beauty in the chaos, beauty in the "undone", there is beauty in the "mess", beauty in the "brokenness".

I need my Creator to guide me through this process. This puzzle is too big and intricate to do on my own.

Instead of being the child who gets so frustrated with a puzzle and crumbles it up and scatters the pieces everywhere, be the child who calls on their mom or dad for help. Daddy I need you, you are my helper. He wants to sit at your side and help and direct. Don't let stubbornness,frustration and anger get the best of you. This puzzle is beyond yourself. And is His masterpiece.


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