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National "Looove Day"

Yesterday of course was Valentine's Day, a national day of expressing love. It's either loved or hated by many being called a hypocritical day and a "day to waste money on junk". But it was never created to be the only day to love, just like Easter sunday isn't the only day we celebrate Christ's ressurection, or Thanksgiving isn't the only day we are thankful. It's just special that out of the busyness of the year everyone take the time to remember, honor and celabrate a little more than normal.
First how can anyone "hate" a day that is meant to show "love"? Why is it that bitterness rears it's ugly head when we are to celebrate love if we don't have a "lover"? There are so many people in the world, we are called to love everybody! This is a day to be selfless, not selfish. Instead of anticipating gifts and "i love you's" from everyone else, give "i love you's" to others, send gifts to others, express how much you care in many ways. Visit an old friend, read a little to an elder, bake goodies and share, serve in your community, volunteer at a shelter, forgive someone you have been holding a grudge against, make a hand made card and send it to a friend or relative who lives far;be creative, the only thing holding you back is your self.
As part of our family lesson on love we learned that we show love by giving(our very best) just as God gave his one and only son. We also learned that we show love when we are obedient to God's commands(which the he commands over and over to love one another as ourself). So if you would really like for someone to show their love for you or send you flowers or show they you are on their mind, then do it first for someone else!!
Yesterday, seeing the light in people's eyes and the smile on people's faces as we drove around town to deliver baked cookies and valentines and (to some) flowers, was an amazing gift in itself. The saying is very true; "it is better to give than to recieve". We choose people especially who needed to hear that they are loved and thought of. Elders, singles, young teenagers. What a gift to see people surprised by such kindness. There just isn't enough of it anymore and yet it's  one of the greatest commands. God definetly knew what He was doing when He told us to love. We can love because He loved us first. Do some things for others that you would like or be "wowed" by if someone else had done for you.
Now of course we are supposed to do these kind acts daily! Imagine if we could all be a little less selfish and more giving. It doesn't take a person who isn't busy, we are all busy! It doesn't take someone who has money to spend, most of us have bills to pay. It just depends on where you place your values or treasures. Is it on yourself and those in your inner circle or does it stretch beyond that? Is it able to stretch to strangers? The unlovable? The broken? Your neighbor? Your co worker? Your nursing home in your area? The shelter in your area? Even a friend that you don't nearly make enough time for? A single mother? A single father? A large family? People in another country? The possibilities are endless.
The question is are you going to treat Valentine's day as the only day to show love and to do so by expecting gifts? Or are you going to commit to giving love daily to everyone and/or anyone?

Choose wisely


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